On May 12th, GameStop launched a new Twitter profile: @GameStopEsports

This is in line with GameStop’s goals to expand into Esports, a market that RC Ventures described great opportunity in during the November 2020 letter to the board.

Significantly upgrading e-commerce can provide for greater revenue capture across larger gaming catalogs, digital content and community experiences, online trade-ins, streaming services and Esports.

So far, there isn’t much to see besides a tweet announcing the creation. The gaming retailer states that the profile will offer chances to compete, win prizes, and more.

It seems the same customer service team responsible to responding to fans on @GameStop is running this account as well, as there are a few comical replies, including a Cohen-inspired South Park gif.

We’re going to keep this Twitter profile on our radar, as we look forward to seeing what’s next for GameStop within the growing Esports scene.

Source: GameStopEsports on Twitter

1 thought on “GameStop Launches Esports Twitter

  1. I haven’t seen anyone post this link yet, but the Pro Training Series videos are up and running:

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