On May 12th, GameStop launched a new Twitter profile: @GameEsports. 

This is in line with GameStop’s goals to expand into Esports, a market that RC Ventures described great opportunity in during the November 2020 letter to the board.

Significantly upgrading e-commerce can provide for greater revenue capture across larger gaming catalogs, digital content and community experiences, online trade-ins, streaming services and Esports.

So far, there isn’t much to see besides a tweet announcing the creation. The gaming retailer states that the profile will offer chances to compete, win prizes, and more.

It seems the same customer service team responsible to responding to fans on @GameStop is running this account as well, as there are a few comical replies, including a Cohen-inspired South Park gif.

We’re going to keep this Twitter profile on our radar, as we look forward to seeing what’s next for GameStop within the growing Esports scene.

Source: GameStopEsports on Twitter

Investors can learn a lot about the transformation brewing behind-the-scenes at GameStop by looking at the company’s latest hires on LinkedIn.

GameStop has recruited two new Vice Presidents, Marc Dellisanti and Josh Krueger. Dellisanti was brought on in April 2021, and Krueger in March 2021.

Marc Dellisanti will serve as GameStop’s Vice President of Technology Operations, and Josh Krueger as GameStop’s Vice President of Fulfillment.

Both individuals have a shared background in working at Zulily, an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Zulily describes itself as:

Since its launch in early 2010, Zulily continues to reinvent itself, providing a fun shopping experience full of products millions of customers around the world love, at prices they can brag about. We’re a fast-paced, data-driven and down-to-earth company, dedicated to defying expectations. Our unique business model is just one example. 

Another notable hire is Gaby Herrera, a former Learning and Development Manager at Chewy. Herrera has been recruited for a similar role at GameStop, becoming the Director of Learning and Development. 

Gabby’s LinkedIn biography states:

Experienced Human Resources professional with a knack for Learning and Development. Fast thinker, strong willed, people focused and process oriented. Experienced and skilled in hospitality, luxury and retail, specifically, but adaptable and open to any fields and always expanding horizons.

GameStop will likely continue to hire individuals skilled in e-commerce to support the transformation, and GMEdd will be keeping eyes out for further hires.

Sources: Josh Krueger on LinkedIn, Marc Dellisanti on LinkedIn, Gaby Herrera on LinkedIn

GameStop Corp is looking for a new chief executive to replace George Sherman as it pivots from being a brick-and-mortar video game retailer to an e-commerce firm, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday.

GameStop’s board is working with an executive headhunter on the CEO search, the sources said, requesting anonymity because the matter is confidential.        

 Source: Reuters     

 12 April 2021 6:00PM Editorial Update:  In a batch of new job listings shared by GameStop on LinkedIn, the company seeks to hire an Executive Administrative Assistant.

Listed among the Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in coordinating annual store manager’s conference, as well as all other meetings or events, as requested by the CEO and/or President.

This is incredibly out of the ordinary for a company with a departing Chief Executive Officer.

Why would GameStop be looking for an assistant to the CEO when the current CEO is on their way out? Could the company already have a replacement in mind, potentially from within?

Source: LinkedIn

While GameStop investors still have not been provided a strategic roadmap, LinkedIn has become the next best resource for an inside look on management’s path forward.

Matt Francis, the newly-appointed Chief Technology Officer from Amazon, has shared a bullish post looking for hires for the software division.

If you are a top-tier Software Engineer who knows how to build systems that scale, can deliver experiences that delight customers, and who wants to contribute to a transformation that will be studied in every business school for the next decade, I want to hear from you.

The continued emphasis on delighting customers is present here, but more notably is his choice of language toward the transformation.

Matt Francis, GameStop’s CTO, states that the transformation will be studied in every business school for the next decade.

The post was also shared by Robert Loewenbein, who served as the Associate Director of Customer Service at Chewy, after working for Chewy from February 2014 to November 2020, almost seven years.

Robert’s LinkedIn reveals that in March 2021 he was hired as Director of Continuous Improvement for GameStop, to work under the SVP of Customer Service Kelli Durkin, also from Chewy. 

Robert Loewenbein goes on to thank Kelli Durkin for her customer service mentoring, stating that “Customers/guests are NEVER a problem.”

Director of Continuous Improvement you say? Sounds like a job more suited for our buddy Mr. Vlad Tenev.

Source: Robert Loewenbein, Matt Francis, on LinkedIn

In an otherwise typical job posting from April 8th, 2021, GameStop inadvertently expressed interest in the booming non-fungible tokens market, alongside blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Analyst, Security is responsible for monitoring and maintaining data and platform confidentiality, integrity and availability in an enterprise environment. 

Listed under Additional Skills and Experience, GameStop asks that applicants have experience in:

  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, or non-fungible tokens
  • Machine learning or artificial intelligence
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • eSports or competitive gaming

What could GameStop be building?

Any sort of NFT announcements, or even rumors, now result in massive catalysts for public companies. It is likely that Ryan Cohen knows this, and is possibly looking into the roles GameStop could play in this emerging industry.

Several weeks ago, stock market analyst and acclaimed author Tony Oz published a video detailing what effect he believes a GameStop NFT announcement would have on the stock price. This is pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt, but investors may deem it worth a watch.

Take a look at the latest GameStop job listings and let us know if you find anything else worth noting.

Source: Careers.GameStop.com

Spotted on GameStop’s LinkedIn page is a new Community Senior Manager position that describes an opportunity to represent the GameStop community.

As we’ve discussed in the past, looking at GameStop’s job openings can work as an inside look into the transformation taking place.

What’s interesting is the language used to describe the Essential Job Duties, Responsibilities, and requirements of this Community Senior Manager position.

You know what players want, sometimes even before they do.

Most notably, GameStop asks that applicants:

  • Monitor, track, and report on feedback and online sentiment
  • Translate key IP knowledge into business opportunities
  • Be a gamer. Speak the language. Be comfortable in a room full of gamers.
  • You’ve got mountains of Reddit karma and you live in the Discord channels for your favorite games, publishers, and developers

What we can gather from this is GameStop is well-aware of their newfound Reddit fame, and are looking to capitalize on it. GameStop also asks that applicants are “comfortable in a room full of gamers.” What could this indicate? A potential expansion into gaming tournaments or PC Bangs / LAN lounges?

Speculation aside, it is clear that GameStop is no longer being run by boomers who don’t game: GameStop is now actively seeking to acquire gamers.

Source: GameStop on LinkedIn

In a slew of seemingly daily website updates, GameStop has begun the transition of their famous trade-in program to online. Seen promoted on the GameStop.com homepage, customers can now purchase new games online and exchange the previous-gen version for a credit towards the next-generation copy on select games.

Unfortunately, it looks like customers currently have to trade-in their games to a local GameStop retail store, which just about defeats the purpose unless the game you are purchasing is out of stock at the physical store. 

Customers are also only able to trade-in towards the newer version of the same game they already owned in the previous generation, which is not all-encompassing like the brick-and-mortar experience, where customers can trade in their games towards anything they desire.

This is just the beginning of the digital-facing trade-in program, and we anticipate a future where customers will be provided shipping labels courtesy of GameStop, and rewarded credit towards the entire site. 

Check it out at GameStop.com now.

Source: GameStop.com

In a repetition of news that seems to be almost every week, the transformation team has hired more former Amazon and Chewy executives.

Elliott Wilke has been appointed to the role of Chief Growth Officer. 

Mr. Wilke brings nearly two decades of branding, consumer goods and e-commerce experience to GameStop. He joins from Amazon, where he spent the past seven years holding a variety of senior roles across segments such as Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry and Worldwide Private Brands. He began his career at Proctor & Gamble and spent more than a decade in brand manager and marketing roles of increasing responsibility. At GameStop, Mr. Wilke will oversee growth strategies and marketing, with a focus on increasing customer loyalty and growing the reach of Power Up Rewards and Game Informer. He will also work with other leaders on initiatives that include expanding the Company’s use of customer insights and metrics to optimize channel marketing.    

Additionally, the Company made two other executive hires:

  • Andrea Wolfe, Vice President of Brand Development – Ms. Wolfe, who previously served as Chewy’s Vice President of Marketing, started March 29, 2021. She has held executive and director-level marketing roles at companies such as Outdoorsy, Spreetrail and Whole Foods. In her new role, Ms. Wolfe will help drive branding, content, social media strategy and other digital initiatives.
  • Tom Petersen, Vice President of Merchandising – Mr. Petersen, who previously served as Chewy’s Vice President of Merchandising, started March 29, 2021. He has also held senior marketing and merchandising roles at specialty retailers such as Artenza and Corro. In his new role, Mr. Petersen will help drive vendor relations, product management and related merchandising initiatives.

Yesterday, we said that it was possible Ryan Cohen would give these analysts something to chirp about in their discussion today, and it appears he followed through. We’re glad to see GameStop attracting talent that is leagues better than the legacy management.

Source: GameStop Newsroom

Hidden within Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations on GameStop’s latest 10-K report investors receive a brief overview of the steps the company plans to take to reboot in 2021.

While this isn’t an adequate enough roadmap to detail a true transformation, it does acknowledge many of the suggestions investors have made.

GameStop states that it plans on investing in technology capabilities, including by in-sourcing talent and revamping systems. GameStop has also noted that it plans to expand product offerings to better accommodate PC gaming.

The emphasis on customer experience is reminiscent of Chewy, which has, since creation, been acclaimed for stellar support. Ryan Cohen recently personally reached out to a dissatisfied customer, so it is likely this is a top priority of the new management team.

While you can expect GMEdd.com to continue to pick apart the 89-page release in the following days, we recommend our readers glance over it themselves as it provides a look into the company’s financials, initiatives, and leaders.

Source: GameStop Form 10-K

March 25th Editorial Update: Today, GameStop has responded to a tweet asking them, and Ryan Cohen, if they would be expanding greater into the board game market. GameStop responded “We agree! We love games of all kinds and we are excited to expand our selection in the near future.”Source: GameStop on Twitter

GameStop Corp. today announced that it has appointed Jenna Owens to the role of Chief Operating Officer. The company has also appointed Neda Pacifico to the role of Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, and Ken Suzuki to the role of Vice President of Supply Chain Systems.

Ms. Owens brings approximately two decades of technology, operations, fulfillment, and supply chain experience to GameStop. Most recently, she was Director and General Manager for Distribution and Multi-Channel Fulfillment at Amazon. Ms. Owens has a start date of March 29, 2021.

Neda Pacifico, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce – Ms. Pacifico, who previously served as Chewy’s Vice President of E-Commerce, has a start date of March 29, 2021. She spent nearly four-and-a-half years at Amazon in a variety of customer insights and marketing roles prior to joining Chewy. In her new role, Ms. Pacifico will lead initiatives in areas that include analytics, UI/UX and product design.  

Ken Suzuki, Vice President of Supply Chain Systems – Mr. Suzuki, who previously served as Zulily’s Vice President of Supply Chain Technology, has a start date of March 29, 2021. He has more than two decades of experience in the e-commerce, informational technology and software engineering areas. In his new role, Mr. Suzuki will be responsible for all systems and software related to GameStop’s supply chain, including order management systems (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Source: GameStop News Release