This list is a work in progress and contains some of the folks you must follow for the best thoughts and latest conversation on the GameStop thesis. Inclusion on this list does not imply any affiliation (or even knowledge of) this website – we’re just trying to signal boost some of the best voices.

Ryan Cohen

Manager of RC Ventures. Holds 12.9% of GameStop. Beat Amazon with Chewy. 


Rod Alzmann

Professional OG and outspoken bull. Posts detailed due diligence and financial models.

Rod’s investing commitment to GameStop traces back to 2017.


Joe “Toast” Fonicello

Digital media and e-commerce guru; Invested in GameStop in 2020 and spread the word on the misunderstood value while living out of a Sprinter van. Runs day-to-day operations @ and finds the latest GameStop news.


Roaring Kitty

The man, the myth, the legend. Analyzed GameStop’s unique positioning and invested in September of 2019. Livestreamed his analysis in an entertaining format.


Chris “vestro” silvestro

Investor & Company Director. Digital investigator for By the time you’re done reading this, he already knows your phone number.



Discrete lurker and facilitator. Not an actual hound?

Take Risks. Love Your Fate.


Fat Aspirations

Publisher of the original End Game due diligence series. 

Buy shares, Sell puts to acquire shares cheaper. Buy leaps on red days.


Brian McGough

Retail strategist with 26 years experience on the Sell Side, Buy Side, and at Nike.



Caught Ryan Cohen’s move in September 2020 and spread the news.


Joshua “Mile High Stock Guy”

Technical analysis junkie and risk manager.

Charts are important, use them wisely.


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