At 8:00PM, Roaring Kitty tweeted a wholesome clip of himself struggling to end his first livestream, with an addition on the end, cheering to the current stock price.

It appears that Roaring Kitty is wrapping up his public persona the way it began.

The official GameStop Twitter account, which recently began responding to customers, took the opportunity to thank the investor for all he’s done for the company, suggesting that  many great changes with GameStop are coming soon.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The GMEdd team applauds Keith “Roaring Kitty” Gill on everything he has accomplished as an investor and an influencer. Through his due diligence based decision making and devotion to his position, he has inspired both new retail investors and Wall Street alike. 

Thank you, Roaring Kitty.


Source: GameStop on Twitter, Roaring Kitty on Twitter

At 4:20 PM on April 16th, 2021, Roaring Kitty revealed he doubled down his GameStop position to amass 200,000 shares of the gaming retailer.

3 hours later, Ryan Cohen tweets a fistbump emoji, likely in a subtle nod to the retail investing icon’s share acquisition.

In February, Ryan Cohen followed Roaring Kitty, albeit briefly, as the face of the frenzy held GameStop through the downwards price action. This confirms that Ryan Cohen keeps tabs on the influential figure.

Roaring Kitty has seemingly responded to Ryan Cohen’s tweet with a video capture of his first live stream, where he says “Thanks for tuning in,” and wholesomely struggles to end the video, as this was all new to him.

Simpler times.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

Keith “DeepFuckingValue” Gill has posted his much anticipated April 16th 2021 update on Reddit at 4:20PM, fueling 4/20 tinfoil hat conspiracies. Gill claims this will be his final update.

The deep value investor, who is not a cat, first opened his 4/16/21 call options at the $12 strike back in December of 2019 when $GME was trading at ~$6/share.

Prior to today, the Kitty had disclosed ownership of 100,000 shares, when he doubled down in February

After sending out 20 tweets today encompassing movie references and cat gifs hinting towards his move, the retail trading icon executed his 500 remaining 4/16 calls, acquiring an additional 50,000 shares to add to his YOLO portfolio. He has also purchased an additional 50,000 shares, on top of the calls, creating a position of 200,000 shares.

Roaring Kitty’s cost basis has increased to $55.17/share.

Source: DeepFuckingValue on Reddit

On April 15th, Co-Proprietor Rod Alzmann spoke with Hedgeye Retail’s Jeremy McLean for a Hedgeye TV talk. Jeremy and Brian McGough over at Hedgeye Retail had placed $GME as their best idea long on December 17th, 2020

The retail investor duo shared their thoughts on GMEdd, Ryan Cohen, and GameStop’s path moving forward.

It has not been a great week for George.

GameStop CEO George Sherman has forfeited over 587,000 shares for not meeting targets laid out in April 2019. GameStop’s outgoing Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer Chris Homeister has also sacrificed over 119,000 shares, from July 2019. D’oh!

Forfeiture of restricted shares originally granted on 7/1/19 based on attainment of 0% of stated performance target.

According to regulatory filing, the boomer duo was forced to forfeit the shares based on an attainment of 0% of stated performance target.

Source: Sherman Filing, Homeister Filing

GameStop Corp. today issued notice of redemption to redeem $216.4 million in principal amount of its 10.0% Senior Notes due 2023 on April 30, 2021. This voluntary early redemption covers the entire amount of the outstanding Notes.  

Notes will be redeemed by the company using cash on hand, at a redemption price of 100% of their principal amount, plus accrued and unpaid interest up to, but excluding, the redemption date of April 30, 2021, plus the applicable premium due to holders of the Notes in connection with an early redemption.

In GameStop’s Q4 2020 Form 10-K filed March 17th 2021, these 2023 Senior Notes were cited as a restriction to the company’s ability to take advantage of certain business opportunities, such as:

  • declare dividends, make payments or redeem or repurchase capital stock or make distributions in respect of capital stock;
  • make loans and certain investments;
  • sell assets;
  • engage in mergers, acquisitions and other business combinations.

With long-term debt to be eliminated by the end of this month (April 2021), GameStop will be free to declare dividends, repurchase stock, make loans, sell assets, engage in mergers and acquisitions, and more.  This action enables the company to remain flexible while undergoing the transformation.

Source: GameStop News Release, Form 10-K

At 9:40 PM CT on April 12, 2021, Ryan Cohen shared a photo of him visiting a GameStop store in Culver City, California.

Ryan Cohen had shared a slightly less cropped version of the photo only two minutes prior, before opting to delete it and repost it zoomed in. Was Ryan looking to crop out the “Buy Now, Pay Later” sign, or did he just want to avoid people going crazy analyzing the background?

1. The goods

Ryan Cohen is holding the receipt, and the presumed customer is holding a stack of several gift cards. It’s impossible to discern what’s in the bags, but they look to have decently sized toys or consoles in them judging by the tension on the fabric. The young gamer appears to be holding a foam Minecraft diamond sword, available exclusively at GameStop.

Like psycho girlfriends, GameStop investors immediately began speculating what Ryan was doing in Culver City, California, when he lives in Miami, Florida.

2. The Location

The GameStop store is located at 3855 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90232.

Located next to this GameStop is a giant sign stating, “Tuesday Morning,” fueling the 4/20 announcement day tin-foil conspiracies, as it would be next Tuesday.

3. Elon musk’s jet

Culver City, CA is also a 15 minute drive from SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. Elon Musk was in Hawthorne for the past 3 days according to  @ElonJet

Could GameStop be planning a partnership with Tesla as the auto manufacturer begins to move into gaming? This would also explain why Ryan Cohen has followed Elon for several months.

3. esports

100 Thieves is a premium lifestyle brand and gaming organization, built at the intersection of E-sports, entertainment, and apparel.  Owned by Matthew Haag, a former professional gamer with OpTic Gaming,  100 Thieves Headquarters is located at 6050 Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016, just six minutes from this GameStop location.


Another potential e-Sports partnership, that has been dreamt up in the past, is with Super League Gaming. The company, trading on the NASDAQ under $SLGG, is located just 14 minutes away from this GameStop location.

So what does the tweet mean?

It could be any number of these speculations, or even none at all. Culver City is in the heart of Los Angeles county, and with so many surrounding businesses, Ryan Cohen could have been in town for a number of reasons.

What we can tell though, is that Ryan Cohen looks to have picked up the tab for some shoppers and we’re glad to see him checking out GameStop brick-and-mortar stores for himself. Let us know what theories wrinkled your brain in the comments.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

GameStop Corp is looking for a new chief executive to replace George Sherman as it pivots from being a brick-and-mortar video game retailer to an e-commerce firm, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday.

GameStop’s board is working with an executive headhunter on the CEO search, the sources said, requesting anonymity because the matter is confidential.        

 Source: Reuters     

 12 April 2021 6:00PM Editorial Update:  In a batch of new job listings shared by GameStop on LinkedIn, the company seeks to hire an Executive Administrative Assistant.

Listed among the Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in coordinating annual store manager’s conference, as well as all other meetings or events, as requested by the CEO and/or President.

This is incredibly out of the ordinary for a company with a departing Chief Executive Officer.

Why would GameStop be looking for an assistant to the CEO when the current CEO is on their way out? Could the company already have a replacement in mind, potentially from within?

Source: LinkedIn

While GameStop investors still have not been provided a strategic roadmap, LinkedIn has become the next best resource for an inside look on management’s path forward.

Matt Francis, the newly-appointed Chief Technology Officer from Amazon, has shared a bullish post looking for hires for the software division.

If you are a top-tier Software Engineer who knows how to build systems that scale, can deliver experiences that delight customers, and who wants to contribute to a transformation that will be studied in every business school for the next decade, I want to hear from you.

The continued emphasis on delighting customers is present here, but more notably is his choice of language toward the transformation.

Matt Francis, GameStop’s CTO, states that the transformation will be studied in every business school for the next decade.

The post was also shared by Robert Loewenbein, who served as the Associate Director of Customer Service at Chewy, after working for Chewy from February 2014 to November 2020, almost seven years.

Robert’s LinkedIn reveals that in March 2021 he was hired as Director of Continuous Improvement for GameStop, to work under the SVP of Customer Service Kelli Durkin, also from Chewy. 

Robert Loewenbein goes on to thank Kelli Durkin for her customer service mentoring, stating that “Customers/guests are NEVER a problem.”

Director of Continuous Improvement you say? Sounds like a job more suited for our buddy Mr. Vlad Tenev.

Source: Robert Loewenbein, Matt Francis, on LinkedIn

In an otherwise typical job posting from April 8th, 2021, GameStop inadvertently expressed interest in the booming non-fungible tokens market, alongside blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Analyst, Security is responsible for monitoring and maintaining data and platform confidentiality, integrity and availability in an enterprise environment. 

Listed under Additional Skills and Experience, GameStop asks that applicants have experience in:

  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, or non-fungible tokens
  • Machine learning or artificial intelligence
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • eSports or competitive gaming

What could GameStop be building?

Any sort of NFT announcements, or even rumors, now result in massive catalysts for public companies. It is likely that Ryan Cohen knows this, and is possibly looking into the roles GameStop could play in this emerging industry.

Several weeks ago, stock market analyst and acclaimed author Tony Oz published a video detailing what effect he believes a GameStop NFT announcement would have on the stock price. This is pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt, but investors may deem it worth a watch.

Take a look at the latest GameStop job listings and let us know if you find anything else worth noting.